machining of high precision

Precision Machining

mechanization of complex parts

We are specialists in high precision machining and we manufacture individual parts or small series according to specifications for leading companies in the aerospace and automotive sectors, among others.

In our premises we host the most cutting edge production means such as CNC lathes, 5-axis machining centres, cylindrical grinders, tangent grinders, electrical discharge machines (EDM), etc., which allow us to machine complex and high precision parts in all types of materials.

machining of parts in all types of materials

assembly of subassemblies of parts

tangential reactors

mechanization of parts of great complexity and high precision

machining of high precision MATERIALS

All kinds of steel

Aluminum, copper, bronze

Technical plastics

mechanization of complex parts ASSEMBLY OF COMPONENTS

machining of parts in all types of materials

As a value added service we offer our customers the assembly of parts and components.